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Whatsapp Sales Blueprint

From the Guy Who Made Over N250,000 in Less Than 21 Days Using Just His Whatsapp...WITHOUT Paid Ads

Discover the Secret Strategies to Easily Sell Digital Products Using Your WhatsApp

  • No website
  • No funnel
  • No Facebook ads

​Kareem sent to me after reading Whatsapp Sales Blueprint

Here is What You Will Learn From the WhatsApp Sales Blueprint (WSB):

  • ​My Journey to Over N250,000 in Less than 3 Weeks Using These Whatsapp Strategies
  • ​The lesson I learnt from the 26th president of the US that Made My Sales Jumped the Fence
  • ​Discover how to use the RS Formula to Close More Sales on Whatsapp
  • The 5 ways to make money with your WhatsApp (it’s not what you’re thinking of)
  • One Powerful marketing word that is proven to increase your chance of getting leads by 99%
  • Seven (7) Common Mistakes to Avoid when Selling on Whatsapp
  • One digital product I sold that made me ​over N250,000 in less than 3 Weeks
  • etc

That’s not all...

I also added a bonus for FREE.

The bonus is the exact sales script that made me over N250,000. It worked for others too.

I could easily charge you N10,000 for this book but I won’t.

I won’t even charge you N7,500.

The book goes for N5,000 only.


If you pay ​​NOW, you’ll get the book for only N5,000 N1,000.

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​​Fequestly Asked Questions (FAQ) on Whatsapp Sales Blueprint

Do I need to pay any other money aside the N1,000 to get the Whatsapp Sales Blueprint?

​No, you don't you need to pay any other money as far as the price remains N1,000.

And you only pay once.

Do I need to use another software for the Whatsapp Sales Blueprint?

​No, I never use any software for the WSB.

You simply use your existing Whatsapp either is Whatspp Business or the normal Whatsapp.

Why is the Whatsapp Sale Blueprint this cheap?

​Well, I want to help as many people as I can. I could normally price this at N10,000 but I'm a nice guy :).

Is the price going to increase soon?

​The price can increase any moment from now.

Please, get it while it's still N3,000 today.

Can this work for me?

​No guarantee that it's gonna work for you. 

What I know is that the strategies in the Whatsapp Sales Blueprint (WSB) has worked for me and others.

So, if you practice all that you will learn in the book, it could also work for you.

Is the Whatsapp Sales Blueprint (WSB) strategies only for digital products?

​Yes! It's best for digital products but the strategies can be applied to any kind of product.

What if I don't get the book after payment?

​You will surely get the book delivered to your email instantly after payment. Just ensure you fill your email correctly after paying with PayStack.

If you miss the form, just send me an email at [email protected] with your proof of payment and I will send you the book.

​What if I don't have digital product to sell?

​You don't need to have digital products of your own. You will discover where to get HOT digital products to sell.

​Will there be refund?

​NO! I wished you could return a digital product without consuming the content but you can't. Just like Sharwama, after consuming, you can't be told to vomit it.

What if I have any other question?

​If you have any other question, please tweet me at @solamathew or send email to [email protected]

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