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Digital marketing is constantly evolving so much that it is hard to keep up. You find yourself trying new things out every day and while you’re doing that you are bound to make mistakes. Furthermore, digital marketers sometimes waste their budget on some big idea without considering the Return on Investment (ROI).

Here are some of the common digital marketing mistakes.

1. No Clear Marketing Goals:
Knowing precisely what you want to achieve with a marketing campaign is very important. Do you want increased traffic, better social engagement, or more leads? These are measurable goals that can be achieved. Therefore, before embarking on a marketing campaign, make sure you have a clear and measurable goal.

2. Not knowing Your Audience:
Every business has its own specific audience. It is important to know who they are and how to target them. So, you can identify your audience by creating a buyer persona. A buyer persona helps you to understand your customer. This makes it easier to know your buyers’ exact want, needs, preferences and experiences. Take the time to find out exactly how your audience are spending their money and what they’re devoting research to. Learn how to create your buyer persona here.

3. Contents:
Content is the lifeblood of digital marketing. While creating a content many marketers focus on the product and not on the customer. Consumers are exposed to many ads every day, so your content must inspire the reader to buy your product or get your service. Hence, for you to convert leads into sales using content, you must tailor the content to how your product or service benefit the reader. Like articulatemarketing blog said, “Great content is like a great cup of coffee – once you reach the end, you’re warm, satisfied and eager for more”.

4. Lack of Trend Awareness:
Trend awareness is the ability to be conscious of the changing ways in which businesses are developing. When you are developing a marketing campaign, you must be aware of recent trends in your business. It allows you to be on top of every change or innovation in your business. So, how do you become aware of trends? Well, you can start by attending conferences, take part in training sessions, learn from your competitor, read newspapers and economic magazines and most importantly keep an eye on the open market.

5. Lack of consistency
When you have a marketing strategy and you decide to stop using it because it is not giving fast or immediate result then you lack consistency. While technology is evolving rapidly, digital marketing is not meant to deliver results almost immediately. Since marketing campaigns are precisely targeting humans, and humans will take time before they can properly identify with your product or service. Hence, the need for consistency, because time is required for potential customers to engage with your content or ad.

Mistakes will be made when trying out new things. Therefore, the important factor is to learn from them. Improve your campaigns by working on these points and carry out research periodically to find out more. These are ways in which you can avoid making the same mistake.

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