NEW Book Reveals the Secrets to Generating MILLIONS Using Just Your WhatsApp Even if You Don't Have a Product of Your Own

Hundreds of People (including those you might know) Have Used the Secret Strategies in this Book To Generate Over ₦45,000,000 in Sales...

You will definitely get result with this or your money back! 

I kid you not. Nearly all the people who use WhatsApp for sales and marketing today learnt it from me directly or indirectly.

Dear Friend,

If you are looking for the ultimate guide to making money online using your Whatsapp, this is the best page you will ever find.

⚠️ Before I continue, I need to let you know that is book is best for affiliates. If you're not an affiliate but considering becoming one, you can still get the book. Please, if you're not any of the two people I described, DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK.

Aside the fact that the secret strategies in this book helped me make sales, many of the book readers and students have sent me emails and messages to thank me for how the book has helped them generate more sales and create a life of abundance.

It all began when I joined an affiliate marketing program in early 2020.

After joining the program, I saw that many people concentrated on email marketing and running ads on Facebook.

Not that those were bad but the learning curve was high for beginners.

Even some experts find it hard to close sales consistently because of email low open and click through rates. 

Since I have been making sales with Whatsapp since 2017, I decided to use the same strategies with my new affiliate marketing program.

In less than 21 days, I have crossed N500,000 in sales and got a commission of N250,000

The product I promoted on Whatsapp gave me 50% commission (I used this same product as example in the book, WhatsApp Sales Blueprint).

Toyin Omotoso, one of Nigerian's top internet business man, was so impressed with my sales that he reached out to me to ask if I have a guide on how I was making sales using Whatsapp...

Toyin Omotoso's question inspired the creation of this book - Whatsapp Sales Blueprint (WSB) - the ultimate guide to making sales using Whatsapp.

After writing the book, readers have gone to make over N45,000,000 in sales profit.

One of them is Uchendu Obialor who implemented the strategies in WhatsApp Sales Blueprint and made N7,00,000 in affiliate marketing. He dropped this comment under one of my Facebook posts.

Whatsapp Sales Blueprint

Others were so happy that they decided to share their testimonials with me (you will soon see some of their testimonials below).

What makes me happy the most is that God is using me to empower people through this book.

Some have become rich by literarily reading and implementing the strategies in WhatsApp Sales Blueprint.

Why Whatsapp for Marketing and Sales?

First, let's see some stats:

  • - Whatsapp is currently used in 180 countries by 1.5 billion users in the world.

  • - Whatsapp has over 1 billion active DAILY users 

  • - Whatsapp has higher open rates and click through rate

  • - Whatsapp is the MOST ACTIVE social media platform in Nigeria (HootSuite)

With Whatsapp Sales Blueprint you need...

  • No website
  • No complex sales funnel
  • No Facebook ads (for a start)
  • No Stress Creating Products of Your Own
  • and Yes, it's better than Email Marketing...

Here is what Grace says After Applying the Strategies in WhatsApp Sales Blueprint


Sola Mathew's WSB is a great resource that laid the right foundation for my success as a Digital/Affiliate Marketer. It is best to say that I started out as an Affiliate Marketer on WhatsApp using the WSB (WhatsApp Sales Blueprint) as my guide. In my 1st month of APPLYING the lessons learnt, I made sales worth over half a million naira and all deals were closed on WhatsApp. In my 4th month, my sales score card were in Millions, all from WhatsApp. Indeed the WSB is the 'Bible' of WhatsApp marketing and is a resource that every Marketer should have.

Grace Kalu

Legal Practitioner & Digital Marketer

What You Will Learn From WhatsApp Sales Blueprint (WSB):

  • My Journey to Over N250,000 in Less than 3 Weeks Using These Whatsapp Strategies
  • The lesson I learnt from the 26th president of the US that Made My Sales Jumped the Fence
  • Discover how to use the RS Formula to Close More Sales on Whatsapp. This formula would blow your mind. 
  • The 5 ways to make money with your WhatsApp (it’s not what you’re thinking of)
  • One Powerful marketing word that is proven to increase your chance of getting leads by 99%
  • Seven (7) Common Mistakes to Avoid when Selling on Whatsapp
  • One digital product I sold that made me over N250,000 in less than 3 Weeks
  • The exact sales script that made me over N250,000.  All you need do is copy and paste to suit  your audience.

That’s not all...

If you act now, you get access to these highly valuable bonuses for FREE

Fast Action Takers Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Zero Capital - Valued at N5,000 (FREE today only)

This is my book where I share 3 powerful online businesses you can start with Zero or No Capital. Many people have shared testimonials of how this book has impacted their lives already.

Bonus #2: Master The Art of Storytelling - Valued at N10,000 (FREE today only)

Story is the most powerful form of human communication. Stories have power. They delight, enchant, touch, teach, recall, inspire, motivate, and challenge. They help us understand, imprint a picture on our minds. Want to make a point or raise an issue?Tell a story. Story sells all the time. This crash course will help you learn and master the art of story telling.  Sharpen your content/script writing for your Whiteboard Animation Videos

Bonus #3: Content Marketing Secrets - Valued at N7,500 (FREE today only)

Content Marketing Secrets is a complete and comprehensive blueprint to kickstart your content marketing journey and elevate your online business.

In this blueprint, you will discover 6 bulletproof strategies that work and is proven time and time again.

This blueprint will also unravel the characteristics of high-converting content, tactics which are not widely shared and kept secret by expert content marketers.

Bonus #4: Funnel Secrets - Valued at N15,000 (FREE today only)

Funnel Secrets is a complete and comprehensive blueprint to help you design highly profitable funnel for any products ideas that you may have.

With this, you will witness EPIC results as you DOUBLE... even TRIPLE your profits - all seemingly with no extra effort, no extra customers, and no extra traffic!

Bonus #5: Email List Secrets - Valued at N10,500 (FREE today only)

You will discover not one, not two, but MULTIPLE list building techniques that you can pick, choose, mix, and match... and use in this 45-page, easy to read blueprint.

Most manuals and courses on the same subject out there often touch on one or two specific list building methods which they might or might not work for you.

Bonus #6: High Ticket Secrets - Valued at N12,000 (FREE today only)

The Ultimate Blueprint To Generating High Ticket Clients On Demand

This is the ultimate guide for anyone who's looking to get serious about getting high paying clients, and want to grow their coaching and consultation business to greater heights.

By utilizing all the incredible information and strategies in this guide, you'd be a High Ticket sales expert in no time!

Bonus #7: Facebook Ads Training Videos - Valued at N5,000 (FREE today only)

Don't run Facebook Ads without watching this. This is the foundation that every marketer needs to watch. 

Bonus #8: Ecom Profit Super Pack - Valued at N5,000 (FREE today only)

The Ecom Profit Super Pack teaches you what you need to know to dominate the eCommerce space.

Bonus #9: My Special Book on CopyWriting - Valued at N5,000 (FREE today only)

This is the special book that I read on CopyWriting that transform my financial life. Every top marketer have it in their arsenal. 

Bonus #10: Profitable WhatsApp Business - Valued at N10,000 (FREE today only) NEW

If you decide to create your own product and make between 50k to 100k and more, this is your complete guide to profiting from WhatsApp. You will also get this for FREE

The Total Value Of Whatsapp Sales Blueprint + All The Bonuses is ₦85,000+

I could easily charge you N30,000 for this book and all the bonuses but I won’t.

I won’t even charge you ₦20,000.

The book goes for ₦15,000 only

but wait...

I want to give fast action takers a special offer...

If only you act now, you’ll get the book + all the bonuses for only...

Regular Price: ₦15,000
Today's Price: ₦5000

That's less than ₦15 per day for a whole year.

Now, what you must know is that this will not last long… because this is a onetime offer…

Which means, the moment you close this page, you might never be able to access this program for less than ₦15 per day but ₦15,000…

Here’s what you should do to get the WhatsApp Sales Blueprint now:

  1. 1. Click on the Red button Below
  2. 2. Draw out your credit card and buy
  3. 3. Receive the book and all the bonuses right inside your email…

    See that was easy…

money back


90 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 90-Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If you practice the strategies in this book and you don't get result in 90 Days, send an email to [email protected] with proof that you have practiced them and you will get a full refund. Period.

See Testimonials from People Who Have Used The Strategies from WhatsApp Sales Blueprint

I bought the WhatsApp Sales Blueprint course when Mr Toyin Omotosho introduced it to us on the telegram Expertnaire forum... I have applied it to my online business and have made a lot of sales through WhatsApp..... This stuff (WSB) works like magic as it has turned my business around. I have made close to a million selling my product through WhatsApp... and you too can do so. Go and get your Whatsapp Sales Blueprint course now and start making money. Thanks.

Omoarukhe Michael 


I will say the WhatsApp Strategy is a blast. Personally, I have used it to generate over 1 million in my Affiliate marketing business. I recommend WhatsApp Sales Blueprint for anyone who wants to use WhatsApp to make sales in their Affiliate Marketing business. 

Jackto Precious


I came across the Whatsapp Sales Blueprint (WSB) when I signed up for the 72IG course. It was the breakthrough to making affiliate sales for me. I've used the principles taught in the book to make almost a million in sales in from free traffic alone. Mr Sola Mathew concisely and practically explained all the tricks of getting sale using WhatsApp. I'm very grateful for the book. It's a tool you'll need if you want to master generating free traffic.

John Babalola

I got the 72IG course and the WhatsApp sales blueprint was attached as a free copy. I was too lazy to go through the course so, I said I’d just read the WSB book. Because the outline and book was so easy to follow, I decided to implement what was taught.. I’m glad I did... not only did I make over N1M monthly.. a good number of my students whom I teach have also made over N1M.. The book made me a millionaire fam!

Bruno Nwogu

The WhatsApp Sales blueprint is a great course, it had helped me pull in over 3 million naira as an affiliate on Expertnaire. It's a great course indeed.

Nwanneka Caleb

For the first four weeks after signing up as an affiliate, I could not make any sale. The moment I stumbled on WhatsApp Sales Blueprint, I was among the first set of people to buy, and I took the necessary actions. Guess what? I made my first five sales within a space of 2 days. Aside from that, I been applying the strategies learnt from the book in other ramifications with positive results.

Ademola Adelu

whatsapp sales blueprint next

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Sola Mathew, the founder of the first coworking space in Ekiti

Sola Mathew is a multiple award winning social entrepreneur, Amazon bestselling author, international speaker, and digital marketing / online business consultant with specialty in customer value optimisation from Digital Marketer, USA.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Whatsapp Sales Blueprint

Do I need to pay any other money aside the N5,000 to get the Whatsapp Sales Blueprint?

No, you don't you need to pay any other money as far as the price remains N5,000.

And you only pay once.

Do I need to use another software for the Whatsapp Sales Blueprint?

No, I never use any software for the WSB.

You simply use your existing Whatsapp either is Whatspp Business or the normal Whatsapp.

Why is the Whatsapp Sale Blueprint this cheap?

Well, I want to help as many people as I can. I could normally price this at N10,000 but I'm a nice guy :).

Is the price going to increase soon?

The price can increase any moment from now.

Please, get it while it's still N5,000 today.

Can this work for me?

Of course, this strategies work for anyone who executes them anywhere.

Is the Whatsapp Sales Blueprint (WSB) strategies only for digital products?

Yes! It's best for digital products but the strategies can be applied to any kind of product.

What if I don't get the book after payment?

You will surely get the book delivered to your email instantly after payment. Just ensure you fill your email correctly after paying with PayStack.

If you miss the form, just send me an email at [email protected] with your proof of payment and I will send you the book.

What if I don't have digital product to sell?

You don't need to have digital products of your own. You will discover where to get HOT digital products to sell.

Will there be refund?

YES! If you practice the strategies in this book and you don't get result in 90 Days. Send an email to [email protected] with proof that you have practiced them and you will get a full refund. 

What if I have any other question?

If you have any other question, please tweet me at @solamathew or send email to [email protected]

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