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Are you searching for the benefits of having a website for your business or the importance of website for business? Perhaps, you even typed “advantages of a website for business”.   It could be a local business website or a personal website. You are in the right place. In this article, you will learn 7 reasons you should have a website for your business.


Before we go into the reason you should have a website for your business, let’s look at some important statistics about websites and internet users in the world.


There are 4.2 Billion internet users in the world users as at July, 2019.

There are 1.6 Billion websites are in the world as at July, 2019.

Over 3 Billion Google searches have been made as at July, 2019.

This information is last retrieved on Internet Live Stats on the 9th of July, 2019.


What is the implication of this information?

It shows that your customers are online and constantly searching for you. If your business is not online, it would be hard for your customers to find you.

7 Reasons You Need a Website for Your Business


  1. Your Customers Expect You Have a Website

If this is the only reason you should have a website, it’s enough. In today’s tech-savvy generation, your customers are constantly searching for you online via Google Search, Yahoo Search, Bing and other search engines.

Customers would love to see information such as “About Us”, “Contact Us”, your location and other relevant information. You might want to see these 10 things want on your website.

  1. 24/7 Operation

You are opened 24/7 when you have a website. Your customers can visit your website, browse through your online stores and place orders. This means that you are constantly selling your products or service online 24/7.

  1. Outsmart Your Competitors

Since people now search for products and services, it is a smart move for you to have a website before your competitor does. Even if they do, you still need a website to stay competitive. You are giving your competitors opportunity to buy from other brands if you don’t have a website.

This also goes for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) or nonprofit organizations. There are some donors who would want to know more about you. If you are not online by having a website, it would be difficult for you to stand out.

  1. Own and Control Your Own Story

You cannot fully control what people say about you on social media channels but you can influence public’s perception by owing and telling your story on your business website.

  1. Grow Your Audience

You have no limited reach when you have a website. Most likely, you are reading this post outside of our location in Ekiti. This is the reason is called World Wide Web (WWW). You can be in Nigeria and have your prospective client or customer in The Gambia. Take for example, you can create an online course and sell to anybody anywhere in the world.

  1. More Credibility and Legitimacy of Your Brand

Having a website makes your business more credible and legitimate. We live in a digital world and it is a common notion to think that if your business is not online, it does not exist. People have the perception that if you have a website, you are credible and not trying to full people.

However, it is important you have a well structure website that is easy to use by your customers.

  1. Cost Effective

You don’t have to break the bank. Unlike before that you have to pay a huge amount of money to developers to develop website for you, you can build a standard website with a moderate budget. In fact, you can start by having a free website using WordPress.com and when you have enough budget, you hire a web design agency to help you build professional website.

One more thing! You can increase your customer support by having a website. You can likewise make it one-of-a kind standard as you’d like. The best thing about having your own site is that it’s YOURS.

Need help setting up your website?

To set up a website, you need a domain name and hosting. You will also need to buy themes and plugins and have a designer design it for you if you can’t. You can contact us at GoGlobal Solutions when you need a standard or professional website for your business.

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