Comprehensive Lists of Radio Stations in Ekiti State

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Are you searching for all the radio stations in Ekiti state, lists of radio stations in Ekiti state; either private radio stations in Ekiti or public radio stations in ekiti? Don’t google search too long. In this article, I will share with you the comprehensive lists of all the radio stations in Ekiti state.

Firstly, I must commend the good people of Ekiti, especially, Dayo Adeyeye, for choosing to establish the first private radio station in Ekiti state. When I heard about it, I was so full of joy. I know he might not read this blog post but I pray that God bless him so much. You inspire me to the bone, sir. Another Ekiti young man who inspires me is Temitope Awelewa, the young that started the first online food delivery service in Ekiti.

That being said, let’s go further to see the lists of radio stations in Ekiti state.

Comprehensive Lists of Radio Stations in Ekiti State

  • 95.1FM – Ayoba FM
  • 104.1FM – People FM Ado Ekiti
  • 100.5FM – Progress FM (FRCN), Ado Ekiti
  • 91.5FM – Golden voice of Ekiti (BSES)…
  • 89.9FM – Voice FM, Ado-Ekiti

Is Fresh FM (106.9FM) one of the radio stations in Ekiti? I’m aware Wikipedia listed Fresh FM as one of the radio stations in Ekiti. Well, as at the time of writing this article, Fresh FM is not yet in operation in Ekiti state.

Who are the Owners of The Radio Stations in Ekiti?

Some of the radio stations are private owned while some are government owned. Below, you will find radio stations in Ekiti and their owners. According to, Abiodun Aborisade, these are the owners of the various radio stations in Ekiti.

Ekiti FM (91.5) – State Government-owned

Progress FM (100.5) – Federal Government-owned

Voice FM (89.9) – owned by Dayo Adeyeye, an APC chieftain and Senatorial aspirant

Ayoba FM (95.1) – allegedly owned by Fayemi, the sitting governor of Ekiti

Peoples’ FM (104.1) – allegedly owned by Fayose, Fayemi’s predecessor in office


These are the comprehensive radio stations in Ekiti. I’m sure you have your favourite radio station in Ekiti. Share with us, in the comment section below, which radio station is your favourite, which programme on the radio interests you and why.

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