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Have you been searching for Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing or just Expertnaire itself? You want to make money online with Expertnaire? Or maybe you have heard of the Expertnaire Affiliate Program from people like Toyin Omotoso but want to know all about it, you are at the right place (or page). In this article, I will show you all you need to know about Expertnaire affiliate marketing program.

Not just that, I will be showing you the TOP selling products on Expertnaire, who owns Expertnaire and how best to join as an affiliate. At the end of this article, you would have been empowered with all the necessary information you need about Expertnaire. 

Before I show you everything you need to know about Expertnaire, let me quickly introduce myself. I am Sola Mathew, an Amazon bestselling author, certified Life coach, international speaker and digital marketing consultant.

I lost my dad when I was 6 and lost my mum when I was 14. I hawked on the street, did bricklayer work and cut grasses for people. I wrote the full story in my bestselling book, I Have Been There Before. 

To cut the long story short, God transformed my life. He did that through knowledge (books, seminars, education, etc) and mentorship. 

This article is not about me… I just thought to share that little story with you to let you know that nothing is impossible with you if you have God and are willing to take massive action.  Perhaps, this is an article (knowledge) that God would use to transform your life too. 

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So, let’s dive into Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing…

What is Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing?

According to Expertnaire itself, Expertnaire  is an online marketplace dealing mostly with knowledge based digital products. It can also be defined as an online marketplace for the sale of high value digital products. Note the words “ONLINE‘ and “DIGITAL” in those definitions. These digital products are high-value digital products created by top experts in their fields.

So, you may ask, how about Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing? It’s simply recommending these high-value digital products from top experts and getting paid for it. For example, let’s say a product is N20,000 and the commission for the product is 50%. When you sell one, you get N10,000 which is half or 50% of the product sale price.

Who Owns Expertnaire?

Expertnaire is owned by a Nigerian marketing expert, Toyin Omotoso. He also owns 7 Star Systems where the 72IG Implementation Program is hosted. 

Is Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Legit?

It is absolutely legit. It runs on a simple affiliate marketing business model. Therefore, it’s legit. Moreso, 7 Star systems, the parent company of expertnaire is a legal entity i.e. it’s registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria.

How Does Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing Work?

Here is how it works: recommend digital products to people and get paid when they buy. Period! 

In other words, 

  • go to the Expertnaire product marketplace,
  • Browse through the products 
  • Get your product affiliate link (it would look like this https://expertnaire.com/manager/product/6574234285/6665846829)
  • Promote this link using any digital channel such as blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc). 
  • When someone buys, you get your commission.

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What Products Are on Expertnaire?

Normally, I shouldn’t be revealing these products to you but I will. They are high value products that people really need. So, making sales through the Expertnaire affiliate marketing program is simple if you know how to go about it.

Some List of HOT Selling Digital Products on Expertnaire for Affiliate Marketing 

Here are some of the products you can sell on Expertnaire right now…

⚠️ Warning: You might be tempted to buy all of them if you click on the links…

The best way to join Expertnaire is to get the 72IG implementation program 👇

72IG Implementation Program: What is it about?

The 72IG Implementation program is a course taught by Toyin Omotoso himself. The course will teach you everything you need to make money online with digital marketing.

Topics like Facebook and Instagram Ads, Email Marketing and landing pages creation were covered.

Aside the above, you get a FREE one year access to Expertnaire and juicy bonuses including Whatsapp Sales Blueprint (WSB). WSB that has helped affiliates to make huge sales using just their WhatsApp.

Click here now to get more details about the new 72IG program. The video wouldn’t be there for a long time. So, I advise you to watch it now.

Do you still have questions about Expertnaire affiliate marketing program? Ask in the comments section below.

Or Click here to contact me on Whatsapp if you want to register.

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