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(Podcast) How To Sell Anything

What was your last sales like? Do you feel afraid to sell things or you want to sell but don’t know how to sell anything? Have you been trying to make sales but find it difficult to convince people to buy? That’s because you have been selling the wrong thing — your product. You shouldn’t be selling your product… You should be selling something else. In this podcast, I share with you HOW TO SELL ANYTHING.

On this episode of the podcast on how to sell anything, you will learn the following:

  • how your mindset affects your sales,
  • goal settings and sales,
  • what you need to sell instead of your product,
  • understanding your target audience and your product,
  • scarcity use,
  • value stacking
  • and more.

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Host: Sola Mathew

Listen to the podcast and drop your comment below.

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