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Social Media Content Calendar

A social media content calendar is a tool that helps you in planning all your social media contents in advance.

A calendar will save you a lot of stress and time.

It’s always important to set goals for everything we intend to achieve so we can track and measure our success along the line. The same thing goes for social media managers and business owners.

In this article, you will learn how to write and prepare a good social media content calendar.


Know Your Audience

It is very important that before you set out to write your social media content calendar, you should get to know who your customers are. You need to know which platform they are or under what age category they fall into. All of these will help you in knowing the type of content to put up on your social media platforms.You must learn to plan and put up content that resonates with your customers/audience.

Know The Social Media Platform To Post On

After getting to know your audience and also getting to know which platform they use.

For example, if you put up a post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and you got the highest engagement on Facebook. That should tell you that your customers are more on Facebook than other social media platforms. So as a social media manager or business owner, you need to focus more on Facebook because you already know where your customers are rather than be everywhere and make no sales.

Determine The Type Of Content That Resonates With Your Audience.

Pay attention to the type of Content your customers engage with. There are some contents you put up and you get just one or no comment and there are some you will put up and you will get over 50comments. This is telling you the type of content that resonates with them. They are indirectly telling you the content they like. Is it flat lays? Blogposts? Product Promotions? Memes? Motivational quotes or even Sales? Be sure to know what content your customers engage with. It will help in knowing what content to plan and put up on your social media page and it also helps in generating more sales.

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Identify The Calendar Tool You Want To Use

There are a lot of free tools for planning/writing a social media content calendar such as Google Sheets, Excel spreadsheet e.t.c You can try about two to three of them and know the ones that you are more comfortable working with.

Get To know Special Dates

Special dates include international/local holidays, your business anniversary e.t.c

Do your research ahead before writing your social media content calendar, so you can know the dates you will be celebrating on your social media platform. Most importantly, identify special dates that resonate with your audience. 

Know Your Plan Duration

As a social media manager/Business owner, you need to know your plan duration. Do you want to plan your social media content calendar weekly? Monthly or yearly? It is advisable as a beginner to start planning weekly then if you are very good at it, you can start planning monthly. You can repeat the same content when planning your social media content calendar or you adjust some. The most important thing is having your customers in mind when planning your calendar so you can focus more on content that resonates with them.

Schedule Posts

After getting to know your audience, knowing the tools you want to use and also identifying special dates. You need to know how to schedule your post putting your customers into consideration, that is you need to know when your customers/audience are more active online. Is it in the morning, afternoon or night? After knowing what time of the day to post your content, you also need to know how many times you intend to post your content. Is it twice a day? Three times in a week or more? You need to know all of these so you can schedule your post ahead of time. And in the process of posting your content, always remember not to bombard your customers with content because it leads to loss of customers. A lot of people will unfollow you if you are bombarding them with content. There are a lot of social media content scheduling tools such as Go schedule, Airtable, Ck schedule, Post planner e.t.c After scheduling your post, you are good to go but always remember that consistency is key! So learn to be consistent with your posts.


Social media content calendar is the best way to plan and organize your contents. Using a social media content calendar saves you a lot of time and also helps you in achieving your social media campaign goals and it will also help you to perform better on your social media platforms which will lead to better results from your social media platforms.

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