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It is no more a news that for your business to go viral and attract targeted customers, your business or brand has to be online and to achieve this, some marketing tools are needed. Below, I share 15 Useful Social Media Marketing tools you need to promote your brand. You might not necessary need all the tools but trust you need most of these tools to increase your productivity and help in making content go viral.

AGORAPULSE: This is one important social media marketing tool that acts like an email account in which you can go through your inbox, read new notifications, you can also flag, hide or assign content so you can receive relevant messages in your inbox.

Another feature of this tool is publishing and schedule, this tool makes it very easy to publish post and schedule them as at when due. It also has monitoring tool that helps to monitor all your shares, mentions on your social medial platforms and can help you see how many posts, comments that you have reviewed together with your response time and rate.

One unique feature of this tool is the CRM function (Customer Relationship Marketing) that makes it easy to keep track of all your followers ,friends, engaged users, and brand ambassadors

FLEXCLIP: This tool is excellent for creating professional-looking videos, which can significantly boost your social media presence. With FlexClip, you can easily create and edit videos to share on various social media platforms, enhancing your content and engaging your audience. Get FlexClip.

POSTPLANNER:  This is another social media marketing tool that helps marketers increase their engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest because this tool helps to easily identify the top performing content for any hashtag, topic or social media account thereby helping you know the right updates to post to engage your audience leading to increased traffic.

This is also a good tool when it comes to scheduling of content because it helps to quickly schedule posts for your social media platform and arranges them in an easy way to use calendar.

HOOTSUITE:  This is one of the most popular social media marketing tool, and it is a unique tool because it can connect your account to more than 35 different social networks.  It is a good tool for scheduling updates as you can set date and time for your updates. There is also the Hootsuite Mobile App that you can use on your smartphone. You can use Hootsuite to schedule post on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The contact feature embedded in it can help you see who is following you and whom you are following thereby allowing the user to follow and unfollow people. Hootsuite provides both free and premium plan.

SENDIBLE: This is a social media marketing that tool, just like Hootsuite, that allows you to schedule updates, monitor social activity, measure your results and engage your audience and this works with most social media platform and can be updated at times consider best for boosting engagement.

Another important feature is that it helps to monitor and keep tracks of any mention of your brand on social web and also helps to look for prospects and opportunities for your brand. It has email and SMS marketing integration to enhance good management with your audience.

SPROUTSOCIAL: This tool connects with all major social networks and gathers all your social messages in one place making it easy to manage respond to messages  that needs your attention. You can also schedule posts from all your account and place in a shared content calendar where you can always edit later.

This tool can also get pretty good analytics from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and can also review your team member’s activity and engagement

BUFFER: This is a social media publishing tool that helps you to increase engagement, clicks and drives traffic to your website and this works with most social media platforms. This platform helps to see quick analytics for each of your post and get more detailed analysis with the business plan.

The integration of Pablo with Buffer helps easily create images with your audience as this increases traffic and engagement.

DESIGNEVO: DesignEvo is a logo design tool that allows you to create professional logos for your brand effortlessly. With numerous templates and design options, it enhances your brand identity and helps your social media presence stand out.

MAVSOCIAL:  This tool allows you to manage Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and LinkedIn accounts into one central dashboard. The dashboard allows you to monitor your social networks, engagements, and helps you to quickly respond to your audience. It also has a feature of finding and adding images to your posts directly.

OKTOPOST: This tool helps to monitor keywords, mentions of your brand and more, and has a social inbox where you can see all comment from all your social accounts in one place. It also provides detailed analytics and helps you track any conversions on social media.

TAILWIND: This is a marketing tool for visual marketer that uses Instagram and Pinterest. It specially helps post pins better by optimizing your pinning schedule based on your audience.

SOCIAL QUANT: This tool is specially designed for twitter  and it brings more engagement, more targeted and increased brand awareness. It works by finding targeted followers based on keywords.

MEETEDGAR: This is a scheduling marketing tool that allows recycling of old posts by organizing the posts into categories and this tool would now post the content from each category.

FEEDLY: It is also known as content discovery tool, it works by gathering content from different areas and combining to a single feed that you consider later.

TAGBOARD: This is a social listening tool for monitoring brand and product mentions, it helps inform you of what people are discussing about or the trending brands.

FOLLOWERWONK: This tool works only for Twitter as it helps to analyze and suggest followers on Twitter that can help grow your audience. If Twitter is a basic marketing campaign you are considering then this is a must have tool.

TWEEPI: This tool is specially made for Twitter which helps to get more followers especially those relevant users interested in your brand or topic. You can also engage them by mentioning them in your tweets.


The above tools are some of the tools you need for your social media marketing. Do you have other tools you use? Kindly share with us in the comment section below.

Written by Oke Oluwatobi Pastorgoody.

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