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Binance Opens Call for African NFT Creators. This is an opportunity for you to list your NFT (Non Fungible Token) if you’re in Nigeria or Africa as a whole.

Binance is doing this to support the African heritage. It’s offering an opportunity for creative African Digital artists and NFT creators to be featured on the Binance NFT Launchpad.

Submission Period: March 31st, 9 am – 11.59 pm April 9th, 2022 

This initiative is aimed at enabling artists to generate value for their body of work and deepen the connection to their fanbase.

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Benefits for Africa NFT Creators and Digital Artists

  • The exclusivity to list their artworks in the first month after the Binance NFT Marketplace launches. With limited spots, this allows their art is shown front and center to NFT collectors all over the world.

  • Binance will also promote the selected artists’ artworks on Binance official social media channels.

  • Binance will only charge a 1% transaction fee, and the artists will receive 99% of the profit for the first sale of their NFTs as well as a 1% royalty payment from any subsequent NFT trades.

To Participate, kindly visit here.

According to the official Binance announcement webpage, it’s important that you upload your previous samples. We accept multiple formats, including MP4, MPEG, AVI, wav, mp3, jpg, png, svg, gif, pdf, with 50MB at the maximum.

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. The Binance NFT team will directly contact successful applicants only.

I hope you get your NFT Listed. All the best.

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