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In commemoration of the workers’ day today. I have decided to present all workers with a knowledge dose I tag ‘Enjoy working with technology’.

Technology without doubt has provided the world with new strategies and ways of carrying out day to day activities and you would agree with me that workers all over the world often struggle to perform their duties at work. Duties like collation of documents, stacking of folders, gathering of information for further study, etc.

This struggle might be due to a lot of factors but for the purpose of this write up, I would focus on the ‘technology’ factor.
I would be sharing with you tips and tools to make your work easier and boost your work performance through the use of technology.
Either you work on the go or you work in a place, this tips & tools would work just fine as you go about enjoying your work.


The world is moving at a fast pace where information is passed around every second of the day. Thus, for you to be ahead of your game at your work, you have to consistently be informed about things going on in your niche. You have to consciously be abreast of the changes occurring in your space per time. Also, your ability to gather information and utilize the information excellently would give you an edge in your work. google.com is an an excellent platform that guarantees you the information you need. Do you need to get solutions to a problem, Google it. Do you need to gather information for a study, Google it.

2. Google drive

This is a tech tool provided by Google. It helps users to collaborate on files in real time.It automatically saves each document while you work on it so you never lose information and you can easily restore and track revisions. You will agree that one of the major work struggle is the loss of information and its storage. Google Drive puts an end to this struggle once you start to use it.

3. Utilize the social media

Networking is easier in this age because of the advancement of technology in the production of various social media platforms like WhatsApp (including WhatsApp Business), Telegram, Facebook, Hangout, Skype, etc. All of these social media platforms make it easy for people to interact with each other and get more grasp of their work. Business meetings, conferences, Business transactions, etc can now be conducted without physical appearances. Thus, these platforms help to solve the struggles of inability to hold meetings, pass information or transact.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is a browser plugin which is suitable for all who use the digital space. It helps to identify your grammar errors by underlining errors as you type anywhere online. Hovering over the underlined words to select suggested fix, or add it to the dictionary if it’s a brand or unrecognized word or name.

5. Dropbox

This is a cloud-storage service, it is the multitasker’s savior, creating a virtual link between all of your Internet connected devices. Utilizing the cloud saving capability, users can save all of their images, documents, native files, and video clips onto their Dropbox account, which can then be accessed from anywhere. This is great for keeping documents organized in one place and sharing them with other users. It is also a very useful tech tool for sharing files too large to send as email attachments!

6. Collaborate with others.

No man is an island. We all need each other to thrive in our businesses and career. Your ability to collaborate with people, share ideas and garner information would go a long in boosting your working capability. Seek help from others, engage in creative thinking and read books. All these in a bid to enjoy your work and becoming more productive. A collaborative space for work is available at the Goglobal hub. Goglobal invites tech enthusiasts and ICT lovers to come share ideas and work in synergy in order to grow and boost work performance.

I hope this tips are helpful.

Happy New Month

Happy Workers’ Day

Happy TechWednesday

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