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Global Alliance Africa has called for a Request for Quotation on Scoping Study for Ekiti State Agricultural Accelerator and Incubator Programme


Innovate UK KTN, the UK’s innovation network, exists to connect innovators with new partners and new  opportunities beyond their existing thinking – accelerating ambitious ideas into real-world solutions.  

Innovate UK KTN is currently delivering the Global Alliance Africa project which is a six-year UK Aid  funded project through Innovate UK (GCRF) and FCDO. The project is designed to drive knowledge  transfer activities that can help foster long-lasting, strategic partnerships between Nigeria, Kenya and  South Africa and the UK that lead to mutual socio-economic benefits for African partner countries as  well as the UK. Global Alliance Africa’s long-term ambition is to promote job creation, inclusive growth  and poverty reduction through knowledge transfer, skills building and opportunities to support  businesses and innovations that can deliver scalable impact. 

As part of the Global Alliance Africa project, four project-level interventions were piloted in 2021 in  Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, with one of these interventions focused on Place-Based Innovation.  The basis for the Place-Based Innovation intervention is that much of the current support and  investment in innovation in the partner countries of Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa has concentrated  upon urban centres. However, pan-African and many African national innovation strategies cite regional  self-sufficiency and resilience as a top priority. KTN’s own research reinforces that there is a strong  demand for the shortening of supply chains, promotion of circular design and better links with the  informal sector on a regional scale. 

A decision was taken to pilot the PBI activities in Ekiti due to the strong buy-in for the project that the  GAA team has received from key stakeholders. Since July 2021, KTN Global Alliance Africa has worked  with different stakeholders in Ekiti State, using a design thinking methodology, to co-create an  Innovation Action Plan (IAP) with clear short, medium, and long-term objectives to strengthen the  capacity and resilience of the Ekiti State innovation ecosystems through increased collaboration and  partnership. Several workshops have been held with the stakeholders in Ekiti to understand regional  challenges, capabilities, and potential for innovation, to action-orientated local innovation networks.  

The Innovation Action Plan outlines a shared vision for Ekiti, “Ekiti State will be a beacon of  knowledge and innovation for Nigeria; Strong networks and commitment to youth empowerment  will unlock the potential of Ekiti State’ agricultural sector will be a key driver for jobs, food  security, and Internally Generated Revenue for Ekiti State”. 

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To achieve this, the IAP details 10 action point which will be ‘owned’ by specific stakeholders in Ekiti.  One of the key action points is an Agricultural Innovation & Technology Incubation and Accelerator  Programme

The deadline for submission of proposals is Wednesday 23rd February.

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