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Today, I want to teach you a secret I used to make around ₦112,000 in 2 weeks in 2017. This still works today. In fact, it is a guaranteed sure way to make money online.

Now, I’m not saying you’ll achieve the same result in 2 weeks but if you practice what I’m gonna show you, you’ll definitely make some good money.

Even though I charge people to teach them this, I’m gonna teach you for FREE. Just ensure you follow through and take action.

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I hope you enjoyed the article above. Good. Now, let’s continue.

First, you need to Create a Product that people want.

There are 3 niches that will forever sell well and they are:

  • Money & Business Niche
  • Relationship & Sex
  • Health & Wellness

You can also add Travel & Relocation as the 4th one but the point is for you to create a product in any of the above niches.

Now, what kind of product should you create?

There are 2 types of products: physical and digital products.

Physical products are products that one can see and touch while digital products are products you cannot see and touch.

An example of a physical product is the Apple Laptop I’m using to type this email to you. The food (e.g rice) you eat is another example.

Can you think of other examples of physical products? Sure, shoes, power banks, chairs, TVs, are all examples.

On the other hand, examples of digital products are ebooks, online classes, videos, audio, and software.

So, for now, I want you to create a digital product.

The reason I want you to create a digital product is that it’s very easy to create. You don’t need any extra capital other than your data to create it.

So, let’s say you want to create a digital product in any of the 4 niches I have shown you above.

Let’s pick the money and business niche, for example.

One topic that I believe people will want to learn about is how they can make or save more money.

So, let’s say you can teach how they can make more extra income with graphic design on their phone.

I know you’re thinking “but I don’t know how to design.”

If you don’t know, go to YouTube and learn all you can about the topic. For example, there are many videos on how you can use Canva to design on your phone.

All you need do is learn and teach through either video or ebooks.

Here is how to go about it.

  • Learn the skill (like graphic design with Canva)
  • Use your phone to record a video of you teaching it
  • Create a Whatsapp group
  • Create a flier with Canva to advertise the class
  • Share on social media for others to join

When people join your class, encourage them to share with others.

Now, before people join the class, you can charge them like ₦1000 or ₦2000.

Imagine you have 100 students who pay you ₦1000, that’s ₦100k for you.

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Do you get the gist now?

Go and take action today.

Got questions? Ask in the comments section below.

May God help us all.

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