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In this post, we share how you can gain huge visibility and drive more sales without spending money. They are simple tips such as guest posting on other blogs and being a guest on podcasts even if you don’t have your own podcast or blog. Read on.

There is something that can help you gain huge visibility and drive more sales that you need to know.

This thing will help your business or service gain huge visibility and can even lead to more sales.

If people type your name on Google, what will they find about you or your business?

Every business including the big businesses you know are doing it and you shouldn’t neglect this thing.

This is one of the things that we do that helped us gain huge online visibility.

One of our students at GoGlobal did this thing and got an instant lead the day he did it.

By lead, we meant that someone called him to enquire about his service.

This thing is the secret most people sell their goods faster online and offline.

It helps set you as an authority in your field and helps you go global.

What You Need to Gain Huge Visibility and Drive More Sales

It’s called Guest Post or Featured Post.

It’s simply getting yourself on blogs either for free or at a cost prize.

At the end of the article, you would be allowed to add your name and necessary contacts including your social media links.

Last year, Sola Mathew wrote an article on Pulse.ng on How to Start a Successful Podcast in Nigeria (you can Google search that) and many people have contacted him because they now see him as an authority in that field.

You know how big pulse.ng is right? Yeah!

How to get on Big Blogs for Visibility and Drive More Sales

The truth is you have to start somewhere: either you have your own blog or get on others.

For instance, Sola has a blog and also wrote articles for other blogs.

So when he wrote to pulse.ng, he just shown them some of his past works; his blog posts and guest posts on other blogs.

It might be really hard getting on big blogs like that. That’s why you need to start from blogs that are still growing.

Last week, we started helping startups tell their stories by featuring them on our GoGlobal Blog.

Our first story is that of a beautiful law student who started bag making because she wants to be part of people’s lives. Read her story here.

When you read her story, you will also get an info on how you can send your startup story.

All we are seeing is get featured on blogs or sponsor a post (you pay for sponsored posts).

With this, your business would get huge visibility and it would really pay you on the long run.

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