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How to Get an Affordable Mini Event Hall in Ekiti

March 29, 2021

Are you searching for a space to hold your mini event in Ekiti state? I’m not talking about big event centres or halls like Damlek Multipurpose Hall & Event Center or AB Event Center which you can use for big events like weddings or conferences of over 200 people.

What I’m talking about here is mini events like seminars, training, birthdays, etc. Well, if you plan to hold a wedding of 20 people, maybe this article might also help you. 

So, let’s dive into how to get an Affordable Mini Event Hall in Ekiti State.

Where to Find a Mini Event Hall in Ekiti State 

GoGlobal Hub, period! GoGlobal Hub is a mini event hall or mini event center in Ekiti. It’s located at a central location in Ado-Ekiti.

Many people have used GoGlobal Hub for their mini events in Ado-Ekiti and have shared positive reviews.

Why Choose GoGlobal Hub for Your Mini Event in Ekiti state?

  • As mentioned earlier, GoGlobal hub is located in a central location in Ado-Ekiti. It’s inside Adamolekun Estate at Adebayo, Ado-Ekiti. This means your attendees can easily locate your mini event venue in Ekiti.
  • GoGlobal Hub mini event hall is beside TakeAway Eatery, Adebayo, Ado-Ekiti. Meaning, you and/or your participants can easily get a place to eat.
  • GoGlobal Mini event hall in Ado-EKiti is located close to different hotels in Ekiti. Meaning you and/or your participants can find a hotel closer to your chosen venue.
  • It’s Affordable. With just N2000 per hour, this is the most affordable mini event center you can find in Ekiti.
  • and more.

When is the open time for this mini event Centre in Ekiti?

GoGlobal mini event centre is opened from 8am to 4pm on week days but you can book the mini event center outside these hours. Simply contact GoGlobal Hub.

That’s how to get an affordable mini event Centre in Ekiti state. If you need a mini event center for your next event, visit GoGlobal Hub now. Got questions? Use the comment section below.

Sola Mathew

Sola Mathew Akinluyi, a certified life coach, is an author, digital marketing consultant and CEO of GoGlobal Solutions. When he is not writing, podcasting or designing websites, he enjoys volunteering with NGOs to help humanity and our environment.

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