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asuu strike

Now that ASUU Strike is over, what next? You can see more about the ASUU update on Vanguard. If you are a student in any of Nigeria Universities and you have’t experience ASUU strike, you are probably in UNILORIN or a private university. In this post, I want to share with you opportunities you should leverage on during and even after ASUU Strike. Read on.

What is ASUU strike?

ASUU itself means Academic Staff Union of Universities. According to Wikipedia, ASUU was formed in 1978 to replace  Nigerian Association of University Teachers. ASUU strike is a situation in which members of the body of ASUU refuse to work over a speculated period of time. You can search for ASUU STRIKE on Google and you will find lots of information.

Are There Opportunities With ASUU Strike?

Yes! With the way Nigeria is right now, you are either in school or learning a skill or both. A lot of students have shared their success stories of ASUU Strike.

Note that I’m not promoting ASUU strike but challenging you to find purpose in the midst of your challenges.

I was not too surprise when ASUU strike was in the lists of things that were trending on Google in Nigeria even during the last election in Nigeria.

What opportunities? As a student in Nigeria, it’s good to have an additional skill that you can use to sustain yourself or make you more employable among many graduates in Nigeria. For example, one of our students at GoGlobal Solutions wrote an article on 7 Lucrative Business Ideas Students can learn and start immediately.

I also published a podcast on 7 Profitable Skills you should learn this year. Click here to listen to the podcast now.

The truth is there are a lot of opportunities you can leverage on during ASUU Strike. I will mention some of them below:

Examples of Opportunities During ASUU Strike:

  • Learn a Skill
  • Enroll as a Student
  • Apply for Internship
  • Apply for a Job
  • Become a Freelancer
  • Volunteer with an NGO
  • Start a business
  • Study More
  • etc

The above are just some the many opportunities you can explore as a student during or after ASUU Strike.


Rounding up, I just shared with you what next after ASUU strike. The point is, don’t just stay at home, learn or do something with your time. I pray we come to a point whereby we no longer experience ASUU strike in Nigeria.

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